SDK03M 2-Phase Stepper Motor Unipolar Driver ICs

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The SM5023 series are 3rd overtone crystal Oscillator module ICs. They feature built-in Oscillator capacitors with excellent frequency response. As cutoff frequency CAN be congured by using an external feedback resis- tor Rfo, a favorable 3rd overtone oscillation CAN be realized with a few external components. The Oscillator cir- cuit characterist

SDK03M 2-Phase Stepper Motor Unipolar Driver ICs
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ics are optimized for a 3rd overtone oscillation by round blank. They also feature a built-in output Buffer with high output drive capability and are available in miniature 6-pin package, making them ideal as DIP-type crystal Oscillators By Seiko NPC Corp.

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