SERIAL to USB Home Made Using ATmega8

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Make a USB to Serial Converter own with ATmega8 microcontroller. In this ATmega8 will be given free firmware source code and can be downloaded at the bottom. Because the ATmega8 there is no facility for communication with the USB, then inevitably the data with the USB communication protocol must be made on the firmware itself. For a study guide the USB protocol

SERIAL to USB Home Made Using ATmega8
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

can be seen in other parts of this website or click the link below to view it. In the firmware can be downloaded existing code to handle USB protocol, so that can be directly used, but if you want to add another facility, you can edit the firmware. The firmware provided is written in assembler language that can be done and compiled with AVR Studio 4. In addition to code Assemblernya also included his Hexa code compilation results of AVR Studio 4 which can be directly entered in his IC. Here is a circuit schematic drawing USB to Serial converter with ATmega8. USB data line of D + and D-connected to PB0 and PB1 in the ATmega8, this connection should not be changed because of these pins can be done with high-speed data transfer. For there was a connection and the opinion of a good signal between USB and devices, then ATmega8 be hired at Low Speed data rate that is the way her pull-up 1k5 Ohm resistor on the D-line data. For the other components are only used as a complement for the system to beropersai with good, for example Xtall used as a clock and used as a filter capacitor power supply. If at this circuit you want a USB to RS-232 converter then you need to add the IC MAX 232 as Level converter from TTL to RS232 levels. If you only want to use to control the LED you can directly connect to the PIN I / O directly in series with a resistor before. For the implementation of the firmware as the USB receiver and coding of...

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