Posted on Feb 6, 2014

To resolve SSB or CW, a BFO signal may be coupled into the intermediate frequency amplifier. In these circumstances, the BFO has to operate near the intermediate frequency of the receiver, for transmissions of all frequencies. So with a BFO of this type, signals may be received at any frequency throughout the ranges which are provided for the rece

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iver. Some short wave receivers have an IF of about 1. 6MHz. The BFO must then be constructed for this. With most general purpose or ordinary domestic receivers, the IF is near 455/470k Hz. If so, the BFO has to be arranged with this in view. Except for this point of providing the correct frequency, both 1. 6MHz and 455-470kHz BFO units are the same, and employ the circuit in Figure 28. A general purpose RF FET is used as oscillator, Its frequency is determined by VC1, with the associated winding and parallel capacitor. The smaller winding is for drain feedback. A stabilised supply with 6. 2v 400mW Zener diode allows the unit to be run from the receiver, if wished. For frequencies around 1. 6MHz, a Denco (Clacton) IFT17 intermediate frequency transformer is used. For frequencies in the 455-470kHz range, the IFT14 is fitted. Each has the parallel capacitor present inside the screening can, in the usual way, and pin connections are shown in Figure 28. Components may be assembled on a small insulated board, and it may be possible to fit this somewhere inside the receiver. An on/off switch is included in the positive supply lead, as the BFO must not be in use for ordinary AM reception. A control knob is necessary on VC1, as this must be adjustable during reception. If it is not practical to include this control on the receiver, then the BFO can be constructed as a separate unit. The best degree of coupling from 2 of the BFO...

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