Serial mouse interface for Commodore

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This interface design comes a long way. This is in fact the first microcontroller design I`ve ever started. Somehow it kept going with me during past few years. I probably drew the first lines of the schematics diagram of the first prototype in early 1998. Later, in the middle of 1998 it became the subject of my diploma-thesis for my graduation. H

Serial mouse interface for Commodore
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

owever, because of some flaws of the design I rather put it away to the desk and spent time on it just occassionally - these times I usually revised the board (as I quickly sum, four or five times) and added new features to the software. I think it still could go on like this for a while, since there could still be some features to add but I think I better sum my results and share with you (after all, I planned this design to be free just from the start), and let`s see if anybody can improve it (or at least if there is some interest at all). A lot of people helped me during the development (some of them not knowing they actually did :-) ). First of all, most Commodore material was obtained from the Funet CBM archive. A warm personal thank goes to the following people (in no particular order): Frank Kontros ( 1351 user`s manual, 1351 patents and testing a real 1351 mouse, providing me with lots of interesting data); Endre TurG³czi (help in manufacturing the boards); LG szlG³ Oravecz (1351 mouse data). Thanks go to others whose products I used: Tomi Engdahl ( lots of PC mouse information ), Jens DyekjGr Madsen (simple PIC programmer), Silicon Software Studio (PIP02, PIC programmer software), Microchip Technology Inc. (MPASM, not mentioning the wonderful PIC series ;-) ), Holophase Inc. (Circad). The document was edited in Netscape Composer, pictures were customized in Adobe Photoshop 4. 01 (Win95). This design and the...

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