Servo controlling circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This circuit takes standard 0-10V control voltage (for example from analogue light controlling desk ) and outputs a standard 1-2 ms RC servo motors control pulse. Component How many 100 kohm resistor 2 47 kohm resistor 1 33 kohm resistor 1 470 ohm trimmer 1 1N4148 diode 1 220 nF capacitor 1 100 nF capacitor 1 NE555 timer IC 1 I designed this circ

Servo controlling circuit
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uit to control an RC servo from a light control desk that gave 0-10V control voltage out. In the light controlling desk the slider on the light controlling desk control the output voltage in 0-10V range. This circuit takes this control voltage in and generates a pulses that control a RC servo motor position based on this (those small servo motors that are used to control different things ar radio controlled cars, boats, planes etc. ). You need a suitable +5V power source to run this circuit. To use the circuit you connect RC servo to the circuit output to a suitable RC servo. The output of the circuit goes to control input pin in servo motor, servo motor ground goes to circuit ground and servo power input goes to suitable power source (can be the same 5V as used to power this circuit). The pinouts used on differnet servo motors vary, but the wire colors are generally so that black is ground, read is power and the third wire is the control input. In addition to this you need an adjustable 0-10V control voltage source. This can be a laboratory power supply, light controlling desk that give out 0-10V output, a 1 kohm potentiometer wired to 10V power source (wire ground to one end, +10V to other end take control voltage from the center). The control voltage will control the position of the RC servo motor connected to the output. When you change the voltage, the servo will move to the new position corresponding to the new...

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