Shaft type part temperature measurement system become by 51 one piece organizations

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The part is deformed because various thermal influence in the course of processing, thus cause the original machining accuracy to be destroyed or caused directly and processed the error. As to precision finishing, the influence of hot deformation is particularly prominent, causing therefrom to process the error to account for and always process th

Shaft type part temperature measurement system become by 51 one piece organizations
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e error more than 40%. This text provides a kind of temperature at the shaft type part and makes up more accurate metric system, the system, in order to control the core, simple and reliable, the precision is high by the one-chip computer 80C552. Can calculate in heat deformation amount of different temperature lower axes at the same time. This kind of sensor is inserted among paillon foil of two floors of polyimide by a platinum wire coiled coil with a diameter of 30 microns, connect with external world through two Nies, its thickness is 0. 3mm thick, apt to be used in curved thermometry, the loss of heat is few, measure the area relatively largely, reach fast response. In in-service use, paste it on the arcual magnet inside, while carrying on thermometry, can use to adsorb the magnet onto axle, convenient and swift. The following picture 2 is shown: The signal sent from the temperature sensor here enters the amplifier, the amplifier adopts AD521 integrated measurement amplifier, this kind of amplifier has high input impedance, low offset current, the characteristic of the high common-mode rejection ratio, its gain to noise temperature ratio can In order to adjust in 0. 1-1000 ranges, the adjustment of the gain to noise temperature ratio does not need to be delicate to connect the resistance, various gain to noise temperature ratio parameters have already carried on internal compensation. Inhibition common-mode...

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