Stepper Motor Controller Schematic

We are using 6v/2amps 1. 8degree stepper motor. In this circuit CD4050 hex buffer using to connect to the microcontroller. The output of cd4050 is connected to the TIP122 of the BASE. The Emitter and collecter is conneted to 1N4007 diode the colleter of tip122 is connected to the stepper motor coil. In this demo we are using Uni polar Stepper motor using 6wires, the color coding of the stepper motors

are Black coil 1, Red coil 2, Green coil 3, Yellow coil 4 and 2 white are connected to give 6V input supply voltage. #include "reg51. h" void delay(unsigned int y); void rotate() { P1=0x09; delay(30); P1=0x05; delay(30); P1=0x06; delay(30); P1=0x0a; delay(30); } void delay(unsigned int y) { int i, j; //delay subroutine for(i=0;i<=y;i+) for(j=0;j<=498;j+); } void main() { while(1) { rotate(); } }

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