The fluorescent with reactive power compensation circuit diagram

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The fluorescent with reactive power compensation As ballast is an inductive load. It needs to consume some reactive power, causing the power factor of fluorescent lamp decreases. It affects the ability of full-powered devices, and reduces the voltage of power stations, and it`s harmful to saving electricity. In order to improve power factor, where

The fluorescent with reactive power compensation circuit diagram
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the using of fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lamp power supply side should be parallel connected a capacitor, so that the ballast`s reactive power can be provided by capacitor. Figure 25 shows. The size of capacitor and fluorescent power is related. Fluorescent power is 15 ~ 20W, matching capacitance is 2. 5 F; fluorescent power is 30w, the optional capacitance is 3. 75 F; fluorescent power is 40w, the optional capacitance is 4. 75 F. The optional capacitor voltage are 400V.

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