USB to serial converter circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The LEDs are active-low (0) while the switches initial state is high (1). In other word, the PC software needs to give low (0) to on the LEDs and if a low (0) is read from the input pins, corresponding switch is pressed. I’m using the prototyping area provided beside the common 2510 connector on UC00A module . The completed circuit: Now lets continue with the coding. The PC software we need is one which can read the status of the DSR and CTS pins and light up LEDs for indication. “PinChanged” event is the solution for monitoring of the input pins continuously. It’s similar to microchip PIC’s interrupt-on-change feature.

USB to serial converter circuit
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

So whenever the state of those input pins change, it’ll runs the program under the handler function. After plugging in the UC00A with additional circuit, we can run the software and test it! You will notice that LED2 and LED3 blink for several times upon plugin. It’s because of the establishing of serial connection. This is how my GUI looks like after it’s connected to UC00A: COM22 shows the virtual COM port created by UC00A. Usually it’s the one with greatest number unless you have more than one UC00A connected to your PC at once. After selected the COM port, click on “Connect” will establish the serial communication between your PC and UC00A. The correct sequence would be when S1 (DSR) is pressed, LED2 (DTR) lights up, and when i press S2 (CTS), LED3 (RTS) lights up. After confirmed the functionality of the circuit and program, since we have two input, we can add the function to increase and decrease the system volume. So by pressing the switches, the volume of your system can be altered.

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