Volt To Current

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This circuit is one of the simplest voltage to current converters to drive low loads. In this example a small 0, 25 Watts speaker, with 8 © resistance, is driven. It is suitable for microcontroller designs or any other circuit that uses PWM (TTL logic). You can use it for analog signals as well. The circuit is not amplifying the input voltage signa

Volt To Current
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l (use a preamp if it is necessary). For analog signals is better to use a power supply higher than the maximum voltage of the input signal, to avoid saturation effects. For digital signals it is not necessary. Also you will need a stabilized 5 Volt external power supply. You can use a 4. 5 Volt battery or even a 9Volt battery. Higher voltages can also be used (e. g. 12 Volts). Attention: Vcc is the power supply (5 or 9 Volts). You can also use a 4. 5 Volt battery. Do not use a 22 Ohm 1/4 Watt resistor. Use a 0. 5 Watt resistor instead.

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