Whats the purpose of the diodes in this circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Get my head around the headlight wiring in my car, and I`m curious what purpose the two diodes in this diagram serve. Hoping one of the clever people on here can explain it for me: Wow - thanks for editing my post and the very quick replies. Fantastic. I understand at a high level what the circuit is doing and that there`s the two in

Whats the purpose of the diodes in this circuit
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dependent ways of activating the light relays - through the light switch or when flashing the high beams - but I guess what my real question is - specifically what are the diodes doing, to ask it this way - if you removed the diodes from the circuit and replaced with straight links what would go wrong madz Jul 16 `12 at 12:40 Appreciate the replies. What I`m struggling with when I look at this diagram is that if either switch is not switched to a position to activate high beam, it appears the terminal is open circuited - so would be isolated anyway wouldnt it (without the need for the diode which is now only connected on one end anyway) And if the switch is closed then the connected diode will conduct as it is oriented almost the wrong way around to be isolating the switch Or am I misunderstanding I was wondering whether the diodes were perhaps more to do with controlling current flow when BOTH switches were on madz Jul 16 `12 at 21:58

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