audio-video modulator circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The circuit will convert an audio and video signal into a UHF TV signal. It`s desired to connect a video signal originating from a camera or other video source to a normal TV set. The audio and video signal is converted into a UHF TV signal so. This is schematic diagram of a video amplifier ci

audio-video modulator circuit
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rcuit, built based very high speed opamp IC LH0032. Parts List: R1 = 15K ©+15K © R2-3-4 = 10K © R5, R6, R7, R8, R9 = 1K © R10 = 820 © R11 = 1M © R12 = 100 © trimmer R13, R14, R15 = 47 © R14 = 10K © C1 = 10uF 63V MKT C2, C3, C4 = 100nF/63V C3 = 4. 7pF. This is the circuit diagram of laser communication system that transmit the sound or music signals by way of a laser beam. The intensity of the laser beam varies together with the amplitude of the sound signal. The variation within the intensity of the laser beam is converted into a variation in the voltage level. The following diagram is the schematic diagram of Active Tone Control circuit, or we often call thic circuit as "ACTOR" Active Tone Control or ACTOR is a electronic audio circuit that serves to increase the Loudness (Bass and Treble audio signal) is active because it uses the Baxandall system. This circuit does not use a. This is the circuit diagram of UHF band TV antenna booster with 15dB gain power. This low cost antenna booster is simple and easy to build. This circuit formed based on BF180 UHF Transistor. The first stage is an band pass filter constructed by the C1, CV1, L1, L4, C7 and C3, the second stage. This circuit is a circuit of the turbo bass that can be used to multiply the low frequency sound signals (bass) on your audio system. This circuit is an active circuit in which the incoming audio signal from the input will be strengthened in the first op-amp....

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