confocal sync control

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Before attempting to build the control circuit, it is recommended that the function of each part the circuit is understood. The schematic below shows the basic functions only. CRS Controller board: The key synchronization signal or Scan Line Clock (SLC) for the scanning microscope is generated automatically by the CRS Controller board. The rising

confocal sync control
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edge of the square pulse of the SLC indicates the start of each sinusoidal oscillation of the CRS mirror. This is available on pin 4 of connector J2. The exact position of the CRS mirror relative to the timing of the SLC can be adjusted with a potentiometer on the CRS board (R48). R48 should be set to 0 to align the SLC with the 0 position of the mirror. The factory setting is for a 5 µsec delay. The angle of the CRS mirror oscillation (smaller angle = shorter scan distance = larger magnification) is controlled by an input voltage at pin 2 of connector J3 on the CRS board. This voltage may be manual regulated by a front panel potentiometer or by computer-controlled digital potentiometer (AD5204) for automatic zoom control. Horizontal Sync Signal: The SLC from the CRS board serves to form the horizontal sync signal to coordinate the line-acquisition by the frame grabber (Raven). Before reaching the Raven frame grabber the H sync signal is processed via a CD4050 to provide sufficient current to drive the Raven board. In addition, the signal is processed via a monostable multi-vibrator with Shmitt-trigger (74LS221) to generate a fast pulse signal. The Raven temporarily stores the data captured from a forward and reverse scan as a single line in image memory before processing. Frequency Doubler (CD4070): The strategy for using an oscillating mirror is to avoid the requirement for a fast fly-back of the scanning mirror and to...

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