drm direct mixer ef956ak5

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This hybrid DRM receiver with a single valve and a single transistor features good large-signal stability. The EP95 (US equivalent: 6AK5) acts as a mixer, with the oscillator signal being injected via the screen grid. The crystal oscillator is built around a single transistor. The entire circuit operates from a 6-V supply. The receiver achieves a

drm direct mixer ef956ak5
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signal-to-noise ratio of up to 24 dB for DRM signals. That means the valve can hold its own against an NE612 IC mixer. The component values shown in the schematic have been selected for the RTL2 DRM channel at 5990 kHz. That allows an inexpensive 6-MHz crystal to be used. The input circuit is built using a fixed inductor. Two trimmer capacitors allow the antenna matching to be optimized. The operating point is set by the value of the cathode resistor. The grid bias and input impedance can be increased by increasing the value of the cathode resistor. However, good results can also be achieved with the cathode connected directly to ground.

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