handheld RF-Powermeter for multiple sensors up to 12 GHz

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

A couple of few years ago I had build a diode-sensor based RF powermeter using a 68HC11 microprocessor. Even before that I had build an analog RF powermeter with thermal power sensor. And I found datasheets of logarithmic amplifiers very interesting, that promised a measurement bandwidth of up to 2. 5GHz. When I had familiarized myself with the Atm

handheld RF-Powermeter for multiple sensors up to 12 GHz
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el AVR microprocessor family, it was just a logic step to build myself a nice powermeter for all three measurement principles. So I did that and build a very small, battery powered powermeter with external power sensors. I called it UMD, the Universal Measurement Device. It was completely done with tiny surface mount components. Wanna see Click here for a picture. Or here for another picture. Here the UMD is measuring a beacon transmitter with the diode sensor. Unfortunately the device contained a few components that were very had to get (e. g. a mobile phone LCD display) and was so tiny that it was difficult to compare it with my documentation. I had changed the circuit a couple of times during the development, so I could not guarantee that my schematics were correct. When I was asked by some Belgian radio amateurs to write an article for their annual magazine, I decided to rebuild the circuit on a larger board with wired components and a standard 4x16 character LCD display. Lets call that version article-breadboard version. The breadboard was laying around for a few month until I decided that I should rather use it to build myself another power meter. Since I already had the UMD with the external sensors, I have included the sensors now in the meter housing. I had almost never used the log-amp sensor, so I went for a design with only two sensors: a diode sensor and a thermal power sensor. Since it was kind of a third...

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