led strip Using a N-Mosfet to switch a common cathode ledstrip

As I am using a Common Cathode led-strip instead of a Common Anode one as used in the above link thus I came up with this `modified circuit`. Because my experience with FETs was nihil this didn`t actually work as I would need at least a voltage => Vcc to saturate the MOSFET. VCC + STP50N06FI | N-MOSFET | |-+ _ |<- | \_-|-+ |_/ | Logic

5V (PWM) | Ledstrip V -> (Common - Cathode) | | = GND (created by AACircuit v1. 28. 6 beta 04/19/05 Is it possible to use a N-channel MOSFET at all for this application and if so, what do I need to do to make this work (Control the LED-strip brightness with a PWM signal, logic 5v).

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