Voltage Level Detector Circuit

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The design came from the interest of finding a new technique of analog to digital conversion. The two types of ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) that inspired me in the development of this circuit are Flash Type ADC and Successive Approximation Type ADC. The Flash Type ADC is the fastest ADC available in the market (highest sampling rate 120 Msps)

Voltage Level Detector Circuit
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but it uses a huge number of OP-AMPS. On the other hand Successive Approximation Type ADC uses fewer components but its speed is dependent upon the clock frequency provided to it. I was looking for a technique that can give a trade-off between this two, the result of which is this circuit. The working of this circuit is similar to that of decimal fraction to binary fraction conversion. For this purpose, the circuit amplifies a signal and compares it to a reference voltage. The circuit can be divided into a number of stages. Number of stages can be increased or decreased according to need. Each stage contains two OP-AMPs(TL084). One of them (OP-AMP at the left side) is used for comparison purpose. The other (OP-AMP at the right side) is used as a non-inverting amplifier with a fixed gain (EXACTLY 2). The input voltage is connected to the non-inverting pin/terminal of each OP-AMP. The digital output is obtained from the output of the comparing OP-AMP and the output of the amplifier OP-AMP is fed to the input of the next stage. To obtain a reference voltage, two resistors are used. An input voltage is applied. The OP-AMP used as a comparator compares the input voltage with the reference level. If it exceeds a certain reference level, the comparator output goes high and there is amplification along with subtraction operation is performed by the amplifying OP-AMP. If the input voltage is less than the reference voltage, only...

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