magnetic field therapy

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Imagine devices that can disable and destroy microorganisms-viruses, bacteria and fungi - by means of a pulsed, intense, magnetic field! They are not devices for the distant future. They are for today! Already several different pulsed magnetic field instruments are being used in the alternative health field. Many claims and suggestions are being m

magnetic field therapy
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ade for and about them. Let`s look into their validity. Let`s also look at a simple device that uses a strong permanent magnet and a oscillating magnetic field generated by a coil of wire. And, in addition, let`s consider what broad band ultrasound directed inside animal and human tissue can do and how it can destroy microorganisms. During the 1920`s and 30`s, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife discovered that every microorganism has at least one frequency of ultrasound that at ultra-low intensity, can easily disable and/or destroy it. Strange as this may seem, it is easy to understand when you learn more about the substructures of microorganisms. All microorganisms apparently have protein clump structures which are periodically spaced and elastically coupled. They are capable of supporting resonant, standing, mechanical waves. Roughly half of the viruses that attack humans are lipid coated. Let`s consider the outer structure (capsid coat ) of the common lipid-coated viruses that attack human beings. Figures 1A and B illustrate their geometrical construction features. The structure in Figure 1B is called an icosahedral. As shown in Figure 1A, it is composed of twenty identical equilateral triangles. Figure 2A and B illustrate two specific examples of virus capsid coats. The dark disks in Figures 2A and B represent individual single protein molecule spheroids. These spheroidal protein molecules are weakly bonded to each other. This...

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