make tv transmitter

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

One of the most useful gadgets a video enthusiast can have is a low-power TV Transmitter. Such a device can transmit a signal from a VCR to any TV in a home or backyard. Imagine the convenience of being able to sit by the pool watching your favorite movie on a portable with a tape or laserdisc playing indoors. You could even retransmit cable TV fo

make tv transmitter
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r your own private viewing. Videotapes can be dubbed from one VCR to another without a cable connecting the two machines together. When connected to a video camera, a TV transmitter can be used in surveillance for monitoring a particular location. The main problem a video enthusiast has in obtaining a TV transmitter is that a commercial units are expensive. However, we have some good news! You can build the TV Transmitter described here for less than $30 in one evening! The easiest way to do that is to order the kit thats available from the source given in the Parts List (a custom case for the kit is also available). Nevertheless, we present enough information here to build the TV Transmitter from scratch. The TV Transmitter combines line- level audio and video signals, and transmits the resulting signal up to 300 feet. The circuit can be powered from a 9- volt battery. It is suggested that a 12-volt DC supply during be used during the alignment procedure. This would insure maximum transmission range and best possible picture. Aligning the TV Transmitter requires no special equipment whatsoever, and it is a very simple procedure. The Transmitter`s output can be tuned to be received on any TV channel from 2 to 6. The range of channels is wide enough so that the unit will not interfere with other TV viewers who are nearby. To comply with FCC rules, it is mandatory the nearby TV viewers are not disturbed by the transmission....

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