new laser warning sticker

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Did you take that shorting wire off the resistor What about your pot, did you leave it cranked on full power What kind of increase do you think turning the pot gave you Good I suppose. I haven`t yet disconnected the shorting wire, but at the same time I haven`t used the laser much either. i`ve been busy trying to draw up a schematic of the board. Once I get it done, I want to plug

new laser warning sticker
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it into SPICE, that circuit simulator program. does anyone here have experience with that I figure with that program I could safely poke around without fear of frying the thing. The pot is still cranked at full power. When I was shining the thing on the wall without the heat fins/lense, (so I had one gigantic dot) the dot got maybe 10-15% brighter. but I have no idea how that translates to actual brightness once the thing is focused back down to a beam again. the tiny dot went from "hurts to look at" to "really really hurts to look at" Since shorting the resistor, does it still go through that cycle of brightness changes when 1st powered on Did you notice this at all with the just the pot adjustment One more question, after removing the heatsink end and viewing the laser head directly, I see what looks like a few drop of loctite thread lock on the threads holding the laserhead to the body, did yours have these drops as well What I would do is trim off the white border around the triangle and the warning test, that way it would just be yellow and would look much more cool. I think. I used this Matte glossy cd label paper. but i just cut out the square shape from the label. My printer is a cannon pixma ip3000 that I got off slickdeals. net for 20 dollars. which is funny because replacement ink is more expensive than I paid for the printer. Bad news on the laser front. last night I tried to disconnect my shorting wire, and...

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