op amp A probably very easy Op-Amp Analysis

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

I`ve been getting that V_A = 15 (which is wrong). Also I think V+ is = 0 since the node below 3 ohm is grounded. Any help on how to start solving this Ok! So, what I did at first was: V+ = 0, the current 5Am is going through 3 ohm resistor => Va- 0 = 3 *5 = 15. Afterwards (V_-) - 15)/ 2ohm + (V_0 -V-)/3ohm = 0

op amp A probably very easy Op-Amp Analysis
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

I understand this is just for learning electronic circuit analysis and one of the goals is of course to be able to work with nice round numbers, but be aware that in practice the average opamp can sink/source nowhere near the 2A that it does here. I mean, what is wrong to get students used to work with practical values OK, I said my thing, now solve the circuit :o) jippie Apr 2 `13 at 18:22

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