pressure sensor circuit

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

A dance pad, basically 4 pressure sensors (up, down, left, right). I already made the USB controller as a dance pad and whatnot, now I need to know how to hook up the actual sensors. I want the input to be pulled down to ground, so I figured that I would put a rheostat there as a variable resistor for the pulldown. This way, I could adjust how strong the pull-down is, theoretically

pressure sensor circuit
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adjusting the amount of pressure required from the sensors. If the resistance is less in the sensor, then it should register a button press, whereas if the resistance is less through the pulldown, it should register a 0. That part all works just great, however, I want all of the sensors to use one pulldown adjustor, so I dont need to put 1 rheostat per sensor. Attached is a schematic I thought would work, but in fact when I press a sensor, all of the inputs go high. What am I doing wrong EDIT: The schematic is drawn wrong. For all of those variable resistors, the outputs actually come off of the wiper, not the other side. I couldn`t find out how to do this in the schematic program, so I drew it like such to show the general idea. All the resistors in the image are variable and set-up to be such. Actually, I cant use the AD converter beacuse there will be two pads at least and each should have its own pressure sensor. The way I did it, the outputs from the sensors can either go into USB, or can go out to another pad, which sends it to USB, so I need just simple 1 or 0`s I think I tried putting the adjustor pot on the 5volt source, adjusting the voltage. Didnt really like how it worked, but maybe Ill mess around with that again, thanks.

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