Softrock RX + Xtall V9.0 USB Control Stage

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The driver files are located in the Si570AVR-USB-Driver folder inside the zip. Extract them into a new directory, and connect the RX board`s USB cable to a USB port. When prompted for the driver location, navigate to the extracted files and let windows install the drivers. Once the driver is installed, enable the Si570 support in Rocky by ticking

Softrock RX + Xtall V9.0 USB Control Stage
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the "Use Si570-USB" check box in the Settings/DSP dialog. Do not change the "address" and "divider" settings. It is very important to follow the procedure below exactly. The USB interface and Rocky can interact in very strange fashion if you do not. Also, do not try to use Rocky`s frequency changing mechanism until after the LO stage. Rocky will issue an "error -5 message: Set frequency (28184000) failed: USB_control_msg error -5 signifying it tried to set the frequency to 4 times the default center frequency (7046000) in Rocky and did not receive any acknowledgement from the Si570 back through the USB Interface

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