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There are many kinds of AVR programmers in market, most of these use the parallel port, a serial port (COM port), or the USB but they are very costly and hobbyist like me can not buy such a costly programmer so i decided to make a cheap AVR programmer. Being a electronics hobbyist I believe in DIY (do it yourself) so here I glad to tell you that m

y programmer can be built easily in very short amount of time and since there are only few parts, it is very cheap. This AVR programmer is called "AVR ISP (In System Programmer) programmer". On the AVR microcontroller side there are two possibilities to program the AVR microcontroller, socket and in-circuit. A socket programmer provides a way to connect just a bare AVR microcontroller to the programmer and ISP programmers however connect to the AVR microcontroller while it is connected to the target circuit. So ISP allows programming of a AVR microcontroller in circuit, avoiding the need to constantly take it in and out of the programmer and the subsequent bending of pins.

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