realtime tracking with pan tilt camera

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The human eye is amazingly adept at tracking moving objects. The process is so natural to humans that it happens without any conscious effort. While this remarkable ability depends in part on the human brain`s immense processing power, the fast response of the extraocular muscles and the eyeball`s light weight are also vital. Even a small point an

realtime tracking with pan tilt camera
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d shoot camera mounted on a servo is typically too heavy and slow to move with the agility of the human eye. How, then, can we give a computer the ability to track movement quickly and responsively Thanks to recent progress in camera miniaturization, small, easily manipulable cameras are now readily available. In this project, we use a first person view (FPV) camera intended for use on model airplanes. The camera is mounted on servo motors which can aim the camera with two degrees of freedom. The entire assembly weighs only 32 grams, only slightly more than a typical human eyeball. Coupled with a GPU-based tracking algorithm, the FPV camera allows the computer to robustly track a wide array of patterns and objects with excellent speed and stability. The above video clip shows a short demonstration. We built a simple camera tracking system using the FPV camera. The video demonstrates how the tracking camera snaps to a person moving in front of it. We show both the view captured by the tracking camera (the smaller video), and the view from a different camera that shows the movement of the tracking camera (the larger video). We used a 420-line pan-tilt camera manufactured by Fat Shark. The camera is mounted on two servo motors, which allow for about 170 ° of rotation on the yaw axis and 90 ° of rotation on the pitch axis. The camera produces composite video in PAL format. An NTSC version of the camera is available as well, but...

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