simple rc circuit

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Above diagram is a very easy and efficient receiver for actuating garage doors, starter motors, alarms, warning systems and many some other possibilities. The SCR, which has a extremely low trigger current of 30 uA is typical - it demands an input electricity of just 30 uW to activate the relay. A high Q tuned. This circuit is a tuned radio freq

simple rc circuit
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uency (TRF) receiver of the standard AM (amplitude modulation) radio with broadcast frequencies at 550kHz-600kHz. This is a simple and easy to build AM radio circuit which only using two integrated circuits (IC). This circuit works with 9V voltage supply, you could use 9V standard battery to cupply this. This is the circuit diagram of mini AM Radio receiver. All general purpose transistors should work in this circuit, you can use BC549 transistors for this circuit. The circuit use a compact three transistor, regenerative receiver with fixed feedback. It is similar in principle to the ZN414 radio IC which is now replaced by the. Here the simple mixer with 4 input and 2 op-amps: A basic mixer suitable for mixing microphones or even effects outputs. The overall gain from input to output is one if the pot related towards the input is full up. You can make this a net gain of ten (or any other reasonable gain) by. This is a very simple and easy build metal detector circuit, built based on a CS209A IC. The circuit will give surprising results and draws extremely small current from a 9 volt battery. It worked great on the Bench, But not so good outside for common metal detecting. But Definately a great circuit for sensing. Here`s a very simple circuit inverter that converts DC current into AC current, from 12V DC to 220V AC with output power of 5W. Inverter circuit is typically used for emergency lighting, since the power output is...

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