tachometer circuit diagram

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

It is mainly composed of permanent magnet with the disk, integrated Hall sensor, strobe gate, time base signal circuits, power counting and digital display circuit. Counting and digital display circuit using CMOS-LED digital display component CLlO2, it can count and display digital. Dial axis of rotation input shaft connected with the measured, when measured axis,

tachometer circuit diagram
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they bring along with rotating turntable. When a small permanent magnet on the turntable through the hall when the integrated sensor IC1, IC1 will speed the magnetic signals into electrical signals. The signal with the non-inverting input to gate l and the input of NAND gate 3, gate 3 with non-termination of another lost big time base circuit IC2 from a square wave pulse. This time base signal is used to control the opening and non-gate 3 and Diao, forming strobe gate, in order to control the speed signal whether the output from the NAND gate When powered on, the speed signal was sent to NAND gate 3 input, if the time base signal is low at this time, the strobe door closed, speed signal through the gating element method. When the first time base signal comes, the door was only open the gate, while the CMOS-LED digital display components IC4, IC5, IC6 of the LE side was hosting state. The base signal also triggered by the rising edge of the door with the non-inverter consisting of 4, 5 and by R4, R5, R7, C3, VD2 and VD3 differential reset circuit comprising, after the reset pulse output from the VD3 increased to IC4, IC5, IC6 of the R side to make the address counter reset. After the completion of the function, time base signal in a unit time (for example, lmin) remain high. During this time, non-gated doors and door 3 has been turned on, the speed signal is sent through the gated door LED digital display components, to...

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