tesla circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The American Electrician gives a description of one wherein a glass battery jar, six inches by eight inches, is wound with 60 to 80 turns of American wire gauge No. 18 B & S magnet wire. Into this is slipped a primary consisting of eight to ten turns of AWG No. 6 B & S wire, and the whole combination immersed in a vessel containing linseed or mine

tesla circuit
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ral oil. (Norrie, pg. 34-35) Following the initial research of voltage and frequency by William Crookes, Tesla developed a series of coils that produced high-voltage, high-frequency currents. In the majority of Tesla`s experiments, he used machinery of his own design to produce the Tesla effect. These early coils would use the "disruptive" action of a spark gap in their operation. The setup can be duplicated by a Ruhmkorff coil, two condensers (now called capacitors), and a second, specially constructed, disruptive coil. (Norrie, pg. 228) The Ruhmkorff coil, being fed from a main source, is wired to capacitors on both ends in series. A spark gap is placed in parallel to the Ruhmkorff coil before the capacitors. The discharge tips were usually metal balls under one inch in diameter, though Tesla used various forms of dischargers. The capacitors were of a special design, small with high insulation. These capacitors consisted of plates in oil that were movable. The smaller the plates, the more frequent the discharge of this early coil apparatus. The plates also help nullify the high self inductance of the secondary coil by adding capacity to it. Mica plates were placed in the spark gap to establish an air current jet to go up through the gap. This helped to extinguish the arc, making the discharge more abrupt. An air blast was also used for this objective. (Norrie, pg. 230-231) The capacitors are connected to a double primary...

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