touch alarm system

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Touch Alarm circuit is widely used for security, which is installed on the door. The advantages of this alarm is because the cost is cheap and difficult to detect by burglars / intruders. The following is an example of a touch of alarm circuit which is designed by Tony Van Roon. Components List: R1 =. Here the 220V AC lamp touch dimmer circuit. B

touch alarm system
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y only touching this touch dimmer you are able to increase the light intensity of incandescent lamps in three stages. The touch dimmer is designed all around 8-pin CMOS IC TT8486A/TT6061A especially produced for touch dimmer applications. In the beginning, when mains switch is "on", the lamp. Here the circuit diagram of musical bell with touch switch and timer. This circuit is designed around CMOS IC CD4011 which work as the delay timer and IC UM66 which is well-known musical sound generator. When touch plates are bridged (touched) by hand for a moment, the circuit will start to produce music sound. Just. This is a circuit of a touch switch used to turn on and turn off the electronic device that is connected to the 220V home electrical installations. This circuit is connected directly to a 220V home electrical installations. "LOAD" on the schematic diagram above, is an electronic device with 220V AC current consumption. Note: This. There are many security systems use a closed loop of wires and switches arranged so that whenever a door or window is opened, the loop will be broken and the alarm will sound. An obvious problem is that someone can tamper with the system, short out the loop, and later on, come back and burglarize.

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