tv restoration

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

One thing your not suppose to do to an old radio or TV that hasn`t been run for many years is just go and plug the thing in and flip the power switch on. The best thing to do is use a device called a Variac which allows you to slowly bring up the power to a full 120 volts over the course of many hours, sometimes days. You start it out about 20 volts and every few hours up the control dial another 10 volts or so and watch

tv restoration
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for any adverse reactions (you know, adverse like smoke, fire, explosions, etc) until you reach a full 120 volts, just like normal house voltage. But I noticed that this TV was already plugged in, so I assumed that someone else has already tried it out at the sale today, I decided to just let it rip. After warming up a minute the TV came alive with near perfect sound and a very blurry, rolling, out of sync picture. Well that`s a good sign, at least the picture tube worked. I figured it would be a fun new learning experience; I always wanted to know how a TV set worked and now was my chance. I bought the set for $30 and schlepped it home. I have restored over fifty vintage washing machines, but TV`s were a completely different animal with more hazards involved like extremely high voltage and dangerously high vacuums inside the glass picture tubes, so I needed to be sure about what I was doing. I searched for a modern book on how to restore old television sets, but like appliances, found nothing that been written on the subject, so I spent the next few weeks reading all the old 1950`s TV repair books I could find. At first, I only understood about one out of every ten words in these highly technical books, but as I read the same thing written by different authors, who told the same story a slightly different way, it all started to make a little more sense. I also went downtown to the main library to get a copy of the...

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