user-customizable PTT/FSK API of MMTTY

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

A very good example of code for EXTFSK that was called COMFSK. (The name has been changed to ExtFsk106) With the COMFSK plug-in, you can do PTT/FSK through legacy serial port, USB-serial adapter, or legacy parallel port (USB-parallel adapter not supported). See below for the file download. If you are using Windows 2000 or X

user-customizable PTT/FSK API of MMTTY
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

P, you need the DLPORTIO driver. If you are using Windows 98 or ME, you do not need the driver. Read the document included in the COMFSK package for more information. Mori-san has declared that all the files including source codes in the COMFSK package can be copied, modified, used for commercial and non-commercial use. What a bonus! Many recent laptop PCs do not have a serial port. That is bad news for radio amateurs, because many ham software use the serial port for PTT, FSK, and rig control. Instead of the serial port, modern PCs invariably have USB ports. OK, how about a USB serial adapter Yes, you can use one for PTT and rig control. However, most USB serial adapters do not work for FSK, . It`s because they do not support 45 baud rate, which is too slow. It`s also because they do not support the 5-bit data mode. For FSK keying, MMTTY has been using the UART (baud rate generator in the serial port hardware). This sample DLL, on the other hand, uses the multimedia timer of Windows, and the FSK keying is fully controlled by software. The FSK signal can be output not only from TXD but also from RTS or DTR of the serial port, and data or strobe of the parallel port. The signal polarity can even be reversed. The timing accuracy depends on the multimedia timer and the CPU performance, but I think the recent high-performance CPU would offer feasible results. According to my experiences, the jitter was about 1 msec for 165 msec...

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