TV and FM jammer schematic

Posted on May 7, 2012

The Jammer is a very small circuit and can fit inside a small plastic box with 9V battery inside. It can be very illegal if you attach an external antenna so don't. adjust frequency by turning trimmer. It is intended only as a practical joke device. The Capacitor is 6-10pf air capacitor and the transistor used here is the 2n2222.

TV and FM jammer schematic - image 1
Click here to download the full size of the above Image.


UPDATE: There is an new improved version of this jammer at the following link:

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Poukhanglung   Apr 21, 2020

Sir plz show in detail Abt phone net wrk jammer circuit

It's osm   Dec 10, 2017

Sir I want to jammer plzz sir contact me

Unknown   Jul 18, 2008

How can we increase the frequency up to 900-1800 MHZ?????

Jammin' with Bob   Jul 12, 2008

Loudspeaker jammin? Tell me more. how to, where to and how far? I need about 150 meters of reach.

anonymous   Jun 13, 2008

Hie is it possible to use the same circuit for high frequency jamming?

apk   Jun 12, 2008

I like this.Is it applicable to loudspeaker jamming? If anyone ideas about loudspeaker jammer plz help. could you mail me circuit or idea if u have abt loudspeaker jammer? Thanx

schutze   May 31, 2008

what variable capacitor do I use to jam fm and tv? what does #16 wire mean?

Dan   May 20, 2008

I couldn't find all the parts I needed so I made some substitutions: 10K + 4.7K instead of a 15K resistor 7pf cap instead of a 6pf trimmer cap - NO CLUE WHAT VALUE 2n2222 instead of pn2222 However, mine my circuit doesn't seem to be working! I think it's because I have no clue what range my trimmer cap is. Could someone suggest a fixed value capacitor to target a frequency in the FM band? Thanks!

Rich   May 3, 2008

I like cheese

   Apr 30, 2008

what range of frequencies will this work for? Could i push it to arouns 3Mhz? Thanks

none   Apr 18, 2008

like say could you substitute the pn2222 for 2n4401 or the 2n4403 ????

br1   Apr 12, 2008

The pn2222 can be easly found at, they also sell the variable capacitor, they use a 6-35pF variable capacitor. They also sell the full kit. By the way were would you put the white noise circuit?

leslie   Mar 26, 2008

Nice little gadget, small but does the job. It does work, yes i agree with you George, the antenna position is where you say it works. how about adding a white noise circuit to it, wow even worse, see what happens.

none   Mar 26, 2008

is there any other transistor you could substitute for the pn2222

George   Mar 2, 2008

Very impressive. It doesn't do TV quite as well as I hoped but it takes down my FM radio pretty fast... and i believe with my knowledge of electronics that if one was to install an antenna, the best place would be on the same pin of the transistor as the coil.

razbinn   Feb 28, 2008

where would you attatch the antenna??????

Leftorium   Feb 9, 2008

I've used 4-20pF. It's work very well with Vhf.

Ruri   Dec 14, 2007

I think variable capacitor is supposed to be a 45pf tuning cap.

llc   Nov 8, 2007

wats the variable capacitor's value?

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