With NE555 make double touch light switch 2

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit shown in Figure, the dashed line in FIG left portion as an ordinary lighting circuit, the right part of the production of the double bonds of touch with NE555 3-3 Switc

With NE555 make double touch light switch 2
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hing lights. VD1 ~ VD4 form a bridge rectifier circuit, vs and VD5 constituting the main circuit switch. When vs turned on, the lights: vs when blocked, lights out. When vs in blocking state, 220V AC by VD1 ~ VD4 rectified by R2, VD5 and CI composition regulator circuit, Cl obtain about 6V DC voltage at both ends, for the time base manifold A electricity. When vs in the on -state when the alternating current through the VD1 ~ VD4 rectified by vs and VD5 constitute a loop, ends in CI can maintain 6V left and right DC voltage output. Therefore, when the base integrated circuit DC operating voltage will not vs conduction fell. A time base circuit connected to the RS flip-flop here, when a finger touches the electrode pad Ml, human induced noise signal by R4 injection time base circuit trigger terminal 2 feet, and by the end of the trigger VD6 rectifier 2 feet to give a negative pulse trigger, time base circuit is set, the output of almost 3 feet high output power, and this time vs Rl obtained by the opening of the trigger current, light hair H powered light. Turn off the lights when needed, just fingering a lower electrode sheet M2, this time the body induced noise signal by the R5 and injected through VD7 rectified so that the time base circuit threshold terminal 6 feet to give a positive signal pulse trigger, time base circuit reset output terminal 3 pin output low, Rl positive trigger voltage is provided by the group R3 when the circuit is shorted to ground pin 3, vs loss of trigger voltage when the AC had mold that is turned off, the lamp H goes out.

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