Milliammeter table circuit composed of resistance

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Commonly used high sensitivity header is actually using microampere meter, use it to produce resistance meter using voltage can be very low, but producers still with the law an

Milliammeter table circuit composed of resistance
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d with the principles of the mA meter resistance meter made the same. 537 circuit shown in FIG. In Figure 5-37 with the resistance and flow resistance hurricane totaled 24000fl PA resistance, the current flowing through the circuit 62. 5vA, wherein 50r, A through PA, excess 12. 5rA through zero ohm resistor adjustment horse and Rz. If you want the watch or 2400fl made 24fl center in the heart of the low, mid-range value resistor table, you can press the dotted line shown in the figure. Installation or 24890 24fl resistor horse.

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