A decorative quartz voice packet clock circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

BGl, BG2 composition directly coupled amplifier, BG, BG4 is composed of monostable trigger circuit, without receiving prior to the trigger signal, BG3 saturated conduction, BG4

A decorative quartz voice packet clock circuit
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off, this time for a steady state, BG4 collector was high potential, resulting in BGu saturated conduction, so that BGg, BGlo composed multivibrator work, color tube LED13 alternately flash red and green, the Central Plains as the Y-clocks speaker sound detector element, which receives quartz timekeeping signal itself or external audio signal clap after the transformer impedance transformation by the B to BG. Base into line amplification, the amplified signal is triggered via the capacitor group BG4 island pole monostable flip is temporarily stable state, that is, BG, closing, BG4 conduction, this time BG3 collector was high potential, BGa conduction so BG5, BG6, Bq astable circuit thereof. 12 of the arc tube LEDi-I2 into D, E, F three groups were connected BGs a collector B on the island, LEDi one: luminous cycle, after a period of delay, the potential of the electrolytic capacitor c5 increased so Bq conduction, monostable flip back to normal steady-state, BG. Off, LED, ~.. Off, BGn conduction, continue to flash red and green color tube, if we clap or punctual timekeeping, and repeat the process.

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