6.5Mhz Vfo Circuit

Fixed-value capacitors are disc ceramics. CI, C4, C5, C6, and C8 are NPO ceramic or polystyrene. C2 is a 25-pF ceramic trimmer and C3 is a 15- pF miniature air variable capacitor. The resistors are -W carbon film or composition. The RF chokes are miniature Mouser Electronics No. 43LR103 units. For LI, use 32 turns of #28 enamel wire on an Amidon Assoc. T50-6 (yellow) toroid. L2 has 25 turns of #28 enamel wire on an Amidon Ft-37-61 ferrite toroid. Schematic diagram of the VFO.
6.5Mhz Vfo Circuit - schematic

Fixed-value capacitors are disc ceramic. C1.C4, C5, C6, andC8areNP0 ceramic or polystyrene. C2 is a 25 pF ceramic trimmer and C3 is a 15 pF miniature air variable. Resistors are V* watt carbon film or composition. The RF chokes are miniature Mouser Electronics No. 43LR103units. For L1 use 32 turns of No. 28 enamel wire on an Amidon Assoc. T50-6 (yellow) toroid. L2 has 25 turns of No. 28 enamel wire on an Amidon FT-37-61 ferrite toroid.

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