F007 stable sine wave oscillator circuit diagram


Posted on Mar 28, 2007    9857

As shown for the stable sine wave oscillator circuit. In order to obtain stable oscillation, the loop gain of claim 1. If the gain is too large, the waveform distortion; if the

F007 stable sine wave oscillator circuit diagram - schematic

gain is too small, will appear to stop vibration. This circuit uses two diodes to stabilize oscillation. When the output voltage is too low, the diode is turned off, the negative feedback is cut off, the loop gain is increased, the output voltage is increased. When the output reaches a certain value, the diode is turned on, the loop gain is reduced. Output voltage decreases, and so forth, so that the output amplitude stability at a certain value. FIG potentiometer used to adjust the output amplitude and distortion. The oscillation frequency of the circuit is determined by the resistor R and the capacitor C, its size is:f0 1/2 RC.

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