The use of low frequency oscillation base 555 circuit made flashing light circuit Circuit II

As shown circuit 555 is at the core of the flash circuit, when their normal work, the light emitting diode and VD2 will VDl alternating flashing circuit principle summarized as

follows: The base circuit NE555 and Rl, R2, Cl composed of low-frequency oscillator. After the start-up circuit, time base circuit 555 is 3 feet high and low potential of changing, when 3 feet high when, VDl loss of power does not emit light, VD2 powered light; when 3 feet is low, VDl powered luminous, VD2 loss of power It does not emit light. Therefore, the two light-emitting diodes will flash alternately light. When specific production, the two light-emitting diodes use red, green or yellow, some of the difference may be more visible.

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