A multi-purpose radio talk lamp circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Ai. A2 series with the telephone line, when the sound wrong or off-hook current is passed lC, inside the arc tube made of light so wins the photosensitive MOSFET, VT J withdraw

A multi-purpose radio talk lamp circuit
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al base voltage saturated conduction, to one-shot IC: (2) feet away negative pulse, IC2 flip temporarily into the love, (3) pin output high. vs current turn trigger pole eligible uov cross flow circuit, lighting the lamp H. After the call to the telephone hook-shaped lamp circuit before recovery, due IC, (6). (7) feet to eight and Cl as the composition of the extension js circuit, after each hanging lamp H may delay self-extinguish after 45 seconds. The principle above when the lamp for the delay. The circuit consists of MG. RP composed of light control circuit, has its day or indoor illumination light it. Because hidden in the next sequence by MG lamp light pierced by light irradiation was within the low resistance, so that the base bias VT Heron reduced even Icl conducting work, V7 remains off like blogs, according to ten circuit does not work, the lamp H is not bright only when there is no light at night and IJ was lit. Circuit arrangement of felt, R, tnr tune trigger circuit, pupa section vs SCR conduction angle, so that the lamp flat lighting is used for wither. Like two trigger, ringing or off-hook telephone lamp circuits operate normally I do with u inch a IF, D instructions, usually connected to the AC power supply circuit, no power lamp H does not shine, do not l Shu barrel of light light switch, lamp Ge can simply tune out the lights.

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