Analog multiplexer CD4051 extension circuit 1

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

CD4051 is a single-ended input 8-channel multiplexer, it comes with three-pass channel select inputs A, B, C, and an inhibit input INH, input terminals A, B, C signal is used t

Analog multiplexer CD4051 extension circuit 1
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o control the selection of eight channels It is turned on. In practice, if more than 8 measured parameters, using ten CD4051 multiplexer does not meet the requirements of large ones, which can be more than CD4051 connected and extended. Fig. 27-6 is composed of two CD4051 16 -channel multiplexer connection diagram. When multi-chip l switch-on work, multiplexer chip 2 on all off; on the contrary, the chip multiplex 2 opening when switched off, then the multi-switch chip 1 on all disconnected. So, as long as a address (or data) line as the chip 1 and the chip 2 to allow control system side selection signal, and the two chip select input channels share a group address (or data) line. By changing the channel select lines D3 ~ DO status can gating one of the 16 channels INO ~ IN15. D3 is used to control the chip 1 and the core chip level INH input terminal 2. When D3-0 at which the chip l is fed in, in this context, DZ-DO terminal status is changed, only the strobe INO ~ IN7 one. When D3-1 time, via the inverter goes low, the chip 2 is selected, this time, D2--; DO these three state lines, make the corresponding channel IN8-IN15 being turned on.

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