CAT3200 CAT3200-5 drive white schematic

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

CAT3200 and CAT3200-5 is switched capacitor boost converters, they can adjustable output voltage and low noise. CAT3200-5 output voltage is fixed to 5V. CAT3200 can use an exte

CAT3200 CAT3200-5 drive white schematic
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rnal resistor so that the output voltage is adjustable. Their roar of a fixed frequency of 2MHz charge pump allows the use of small 1 F ceramic capacitors, wide input supply voltage range (2.7 ~ 4.5V) can support up to 100mA maximum output load that allows the device ideal for battery-powered electronic devices in each. Their shutdown control input allows the device to enter power-down mode, allowing the supply current to 1 A or less. In short circuit or overload conditions, the device will be foldback current limit protection and thermal protection. In addition, they soft-start, slew rate control circuit limits the inrush current at power-up. Technical characteristics (1) CAT3200 and the CAT3200-5 Main technical characteristics and CAT3200-5 CAT3200 follows. O fixed frequency of 2MHz. 100mA output current. output voltage (CAT3200-5 fixed 5V, CATB200 adjustable output voltage). low quiescent current (1.7mA typical value). input voltage as low as 2.7V can still work. soft-start, slope control. low external capacitor (1 F). Shutdown current is less than 1 A. a foldback current limit protection and thermal protection. ?CAT3200-5 a small (thickness 1mm) 6-pin SOT23 package; CAT3200 uses MSOP-8 and small (thickness 0.8mm) TDFN package. (2) Typical Applications Typical application circuit CAT3200 and CAT3200-5 shown. View of a typical application circuit CAT3200 and the CAT3200-5

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