Diamond differential amplifier circuit input

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Almost all of the DC amplifier circuits are used as the input stage of the differential circuit. Many complementary symmetry circuit also uses a double differential complementa

Diamond differential amplifier circuit input
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ry sub-circuit and a constant current source with a double differential circuit for the input stage. Because the constant current source has a high dynamic impedance t and common- mode signal has a negative feedback, the circuit has a high stability. However, it is precisely because constant restrictions, when there are significant transient signal at the input, it will cause deterioration of the transient characteristics of the circuit. Diamond differential circuit by a double differential circuit evolve to, it has the advantage of double differential circuit to overcome its shortcomings, the performance of the circuit is greatly improved. Figure 2-37 is a diamond with a differential circuit for the input stage of the DC amplifier circuit O VTi-VT4 composed of diamond differential input stage, (RP. Ten R6) is vTI collector load, R is set VT3 the electrode load o R7, heart, Rio, Rl 1 are VTi ~ VT4 emitter resistors, on the one hand and to build a common bias circuit DC operating point of the raised level, but also at the same level of current negative feedback resistor. R2, VDi, R3, R, f matter, R is the DC bias circuit VTi.VT3 o R12, f hair, R13, R14, f) 4, Ris constitute straight VT2, VT4 the flow bias circuit. Cl input signal is input to the A point. C2, Ri the input resistor, capacitor form a corner frequency of 60kHz low-pass filter to limit the high frequency component of the input signal. VTs, VT6 and their bias resistors complementary push-pull voltage amplifier stage, R16, Rl7 and John into the post-stage impedance in parallel constitute VB, VT6 load o VT7 and Ri constitutes the output of the bias circuit .C4 high frequency bypass capacitance, higher frequency of the AC voltage drop Vm is also close to 00 complementary push-pull output stage uses a power output stage by the three .VTa Darlington composed, VTio.VT12 composition Darling NPN transistor Dayton tube, VTg, VTiI, VT13 composition PNP tube o VT8 associated with VTg using the midpoint of floating joints, to their bias resistor is the feedback resistor from the output to the diamond differential midpoint E the inverting input terminal of the input stage B constituting the DC feedback loop, while the terminal B connected to one capacitor C3, the potential of the point B of the AC zero, thereby cutting off the exchange of large negative feedback loop of the loop, and only become direct flow of negative feedback no AC DC negative feedback amplifier circuit. this circuit uses the power supply before and after class, respectively, pre-regulated power supply, power supply rectifier output stage after the power supply, and the use of lower voltage o

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