TC35I use wireless data transmission and GSM communication module circuit design schematics

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Design of wireless data communication circuit Wireless data communication circuit is mainly responsible for the motor vehicle and fixed base station system for close wireless d

ata exchange tasks. From the core chip nRF401 and its subsidiary components. nRF401 is a dual-channel, high-performance, low-power wireless communication dedicated chip, operating frequency is 433.93/434.33MHz. operating voltage of 3.3v, the maximum communication speed of 20kbps, you can contact directly with the microcontroller serial, asynchronous communication, to achieve data transmission and reception. No need to encode data. TxD-side data input DIN and SCM phase, RXD data output terminal DOUT terminal in contact with the microcontroller. In this circuit, designed for communication speed 19.2 kbps. Circuit shown in FIG. And a microprocessor interface circuit TC35I TC35I All SIEMENS instructions can be downloaded from the website. Car users mobile payment system by the low cost of AT89C4051 single chip, the power supply 3.3V, the base station by a high-speed, high-performance single-chip 77E58-40 complete wireless data communication and authentication. CCD Vehicle Recognition completed by another independent processing units.

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