TDA1602A Application Circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

A1602A 40-pin dual in-line package, the circuit functions as follows: playback preamplifier is a linear low-noise amplifiers, voltage gain 26.4dBoA store cards, each with a sep

TDA1602A Application Circuit
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arate discharge sound preamp, amp selected by the electronic switch sound balance network o left, high right twice been balanced network playback, low corner frequency is determined by the peripheral capacitance. Fe and Cr02 with the time constant 120ys Mu and controlled by the logic circuit. High-speed recording head switch for fast recording and the compensating capacitor connected to the Yasushi input preamplifier. Head switch the B-card recording head has two states: the state of the recording and playback status. When recording status, the pre-amplifier input terminal is grounded, recording bias and recording signals recorded by the magnetic head. When the playback mode, recording bias current terminal is grounded. Left, high and low frequency audio conversion right channel equalization network is determined by the periphery capacitors. These capacitors are omitted recorded sound balance network will show a flat response, in order to meet the requirements of the Dolby audio. Biasing magnetic oscillator provides bias current and the erase tape recording. Sinusoidal voltage amplitude control by the first 15 foot level. Biasing magnetic oscillator only when the recording mode, it automatically turns o Automatic level control range of 20dB, the output voltage variation is less than 2dBoALC recovery time and rise time adjustment by the external components. When using a single power supply reference voltage 1/2 Vp potential as a signal ground. When using dual power supply, the reference voltage is zero potential. The DC level of the internal logic circuit by externally applied to control the electronic switch control signal contains 0 8,10 feet only relevant control level, control signal 7,9 feet not only level, but also on the level of control rise and fall between about so that the electronic switch can be a smooth transition.

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