Basic circuit diagram connection ISO120 121 signals and power supply

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown for the basic connection circuit ISO120/121 signals and power supply. Each power supply terminal must have a 1 F tantalum capacitor as a bypass filter, printed circuit

Basic circuit diagram connection ISO120 121 signals and power supply
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

board layout should be possible to bypass capacitor placed close to the chip. In the design of printed circuit board layout, all the land as independent as possible traces connected to a common end, namely the use of a little ground. When applied in a noisy environment, in order to prevent noise-sensitive signal fleeing, in the design of printed circuit board wiring should be a common input signal and provide a high impedance output common area. Signal common ground must provide a return path for bias current, the passage level should be maintained at 1V above ground level. Sense pin must be connected or connected to the distal end of the load and the VOUT pin to eliminate errors due to long wires cause a voltage drop caused by the transmission. C1H feet and C2H pin external integrating capacitor connected to the internal integration circuit summing node, it is easy to pick up outside interference, and therefore in the design of printed circuit board layout, ground as the protective ring will surround the use of these sensitive sites, in order to achieve interference purposes.

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