Joyoung JYC-22F-type low-voltage power supply circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

JYC-22F type cooker low voltage power supply circuit is shown. AC 220 V power supply voltage is applied to low-voltage transformer

Joyoung JYC-22F-type low-voltage power supply circuit
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Tl primary, it has two secondary windings A and B, B middle winding has a tap, so it has the O, , three terminals. O and two terminals through a bridge rectifier circuit AC into DC output voltage is 20 V DC. 2 () V DC voltage at the point M is divided into two, all the way through the connector CON2 sent to the fans of O feet, CON2's feet as long as the ground, fans will be able to rotate. feet off the ground, or is controlled by a microprocessor. The microprocessor has a high level is applied to the crystal tube VI2 the base of transistor VT2 is turned on, current flows through the electric fans, electric fans can be rotated. Another way is separated from the M point regulator circuit, the base of the transistor VT6 has zener diode ZD5, After a regulator transistor VT6 + emitter output voltage of 20V. + 20V voltage regulator circuit consists of a transistor and then through the Zener diode ZD1 VT5 and composed, you can output +5 V DC voltage.

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