High Voltage Dc Generator Circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2012

In the miniature high-voltage dc generator, the input to the circuit, taken from a 12-Vdc power supply, is magnified to provide a 10,000-Vdc output causing a pulsating signal, of opposite polarity, to be induced in Tl`s secondary winding. The pulsating dc output at the secondary winding of Tl (ranging from 800 to 1000 V) is applied to a 10-stage voltage-multiplier circuit, which consists of D1 through D10, and C3 through C12. The multiplier circuit increased the voltage 10 times, producing an output of up to 10,000 Vdc. The multiplier accomplishes its task by charging the capacitors (C3 tlirough C12);

High Voltage Dc Generator Circuit
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the output is a series addition of the voltages on all the capacitors in the multiplier. In order for the circuit to operate efficiently, the frequency of the square wave, and therefore the signal applied to the multiplier, must be considered. The output frequency of the oscillator (Ul-a) is set by the combined values of Kv Rr>, and C{ (which with the values specified is approximately 15 kHz). Potentiometer R5 is used to fine tune the output frequency of the oscillator. The higher the frequency of the oscillator, the lower the capacitivc reactance in the multiplier. Light-emitting diode LED1 serves as an input-power indicator, and neon lamp NE1 indicates an output at the secondary of Tl. A good way to get the maximum output at the multiplier is to connect an oscilloscope to the high-voltage output of the multiplier, via a high-voltage probe, and adjust potentiometer R5 for the maximum voltage output.

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Chris   Mar 24, 2018

Circuit is wrong! See transformer capacitor network. No 12v supply to this part!

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