Neon high-voltage power supply circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown neon voltage power supply circuit. Its production is simple, stable output power and other characteristics. Circuit Principle: The core element of this circuit is the

Neon high-voltage power supply circuit diagram
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time base NE555 circuit which generates a high-frequency oscillation signal of 15 ~ 20kHz, high frequency can be adjusted R2. Drive signal output by 3 feet, after sub-circuit is C3, D1, LED component, so that high-power tube BG work in the C state. The intensity of the drive signal can be directly observed it according to the brightness of LED, driven by power tube is turned on and off, flowing through the step-up transformer primary winding current B2 size variations occur, then in the B2 sub-polar high voltage generates a high-frequency current, for neon tubes work. R2 can adjust the output voltage up. BG connected between the collector and ground capacitor C5 can be omitted or open, to prevent anti-peak voltage produced by the B2 breakdown BG, under normal circumstances, the power output of the circuit can drive 3 ~ 6m neon tube lighting.

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