Posted on Apr 10, 2012

This circuit can generate high-voltage pulses with an inexpensive auto ignition coil. Add a rectifier on the output and the circuit produces high-voltage de. The circuit`s input is 115 Vac. During the input`s positive half cycle, energy is stored in capacitor Cl, which is charged via diode Dl and the primary winding of transformer T1, the coil. The SCR and its trigger circuitry are inactive during this period.

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During the input"s negative half cycle, energy is stored in capacitor C2 until diac D2 reaches its trigger voltage, whereupon D2 conducts abruptly and C2 releases its energy into the SCR"s gate. The SCR then discharges Cl into the transformer"s primary and ceases to conduct. This store-and-release cycle repeats on the line"s positive and negative half cycles, producing high-voltage pulses at the transformer"s secondary.

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How to adjust the frequency and ist ok for 220v ac input?   Feb 21, 2019

Ist ok 2 use db3?

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