The L296 chip high current switching power supply chips for power supply

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown by L296 chip high current switching power supply chip composed of 5 ~ 15V, 4A power supply in FIG. L296 monolithic high-current switching power supply chip features ar

The L296 chip high current switching power supply chips for power supply
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e: (1) improve the protection. Equipped with soft-start, overcurrent, overheating, over-voltage protection. (2) The maximum output current of 4A, power is 160W, the output voltage between 5.1 ~ 40V adjustable. (3) has a special function: Work prohibition control, synchronous control (go long way in a few slices of output, to ensure consistent operating frequency), the reset circuit (power supply can provide state detection signal), crowbar overvoltage protection circuit (when the output voltage exceeds a preset nominal voltage 20%, generating a drive signal to 100mA, it used to trigger external protection circuit). Figure (c) shows the current unfolding circuit form.

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